Our brother, Corey La Barrie was an inspiration to many worldwide. As seen all over social media, there are stories of him helping others out of a dark place in their lives with his positive attitude for life. He was the type of person to live life to the fullest. Throughout his life he was well-known to spread love and positive vibes to everyone, through either YouTube, social media, face-to-face, friends and family. Corey impacted many people, and his followers’ lives around the world in a positive way, and still is.


Creating a clothing and accessories brand that will connect and inspire others to live life with ”oh well” instead of “what if”, as our brother did. When people wear our product, we want them to feel loved and spread the love surrounding this brand, like a big hug from Corey to all. VISION To spread his love around the world to those who need it most; connecting with people to live their best life and feel good wearing our brand.


Our mission is an extention of our brother's mission, to spread love through positivity. Share along with our memory of the positive vibe Corey shared everyday in his life.